8 Seasons of the Hampshire Hills

1- Summer
Bed and Breakfast - Summer Season
The weather upcountry in the Hampshire Hills is best known for warm days, comfortable eves, lush green scenery, Tanglewood, a dip in a pristine high country pond and flowers galore. Snack on some of the areas finest blueberries, raspberries, blackberries- or enjoy them in your morning breakfast. Some of the area B&B's have these readily available and some offer a pick-your-own. Early reservations are recommended.

2- Apple Season
Bed and Breakfast - Apple Season
 That's right, and we'll bet that many don't know the highest altitude orchards in the state are right here, and known for their extra crisp, evening cooled apples. In fact, Apple laden breakfasts are the choice du jour, and one may actually stroll through the orchards hand picking their own peck to bring home. Pies, jams, and special treats grace the counters of local country stores, and the palettes of many ardent apple lovers who visit us from Early September through October.

3 - Fall Season
Bed and Breakfast - Apple Season
... and Indian Summer. Well, no need to brag of our incomparable foliage colors, as we're already quite well known for our fall tree show. Perhaps the thoughts of fresh oven baked breakfast treats followed by a collage filled hike or bike ride, antique browsing, or some soulfully aimless wandering through the hills of hues will best describe what awaits one here. Many B&B's also accommodate those who'd like to make Thanksgiving a special outing, or family get-together.

4 - Holiday Season
Bed and Breakfast - Apple Season
'Tis the season to visit family and share the Holiday season, as well as being a particularly special time in the Hampshire Hills. From the start of Thanksgiving turkey until the pop of the New Year's cork, area B&B's provide the setting in which to enjoy the splendor of late fall/early winter's first snowfall with loved ones. Do expect to find holiday trimmings at our B&B abodes, and some offering special events during this time.

5 - Winter Season
Bed and Breakfast - Apple Season
New England style (a.k.a. ski season) - For some a time of solstice, for others a time to play. The Hampshire Hilltowns offer such an equal mix of both during the winter snows. A nice time to just get away and catch up on some fireside light reading, to capture a white blanketed New England on film, ... or to play your heart out at any one of our local ski touring centers.....you'll find skiing fluently spoken here. The Hampshire Hilltowns offer the best mix of altitude, snowfall and kilometers of both groomed and out of track ski touring in Southern New England.

6 - Maple Season
Bed and Breakfast - Apple Season
Sometimes crossing into Mud Season (depending on the amount of snow versus the warmth of sap flowing days) the scent of Maple can fill the air from the many sugar shacks. Maple treats grace the tables of most local B&B's as the cold days of winter sweetly surrender to the flames of the boiling sap, and local producers welcome guests to watch their maple magic happen. This is New England tradition at its finest - Visit the Massachusetts Maple Producers website to see what awaits you here.

7 - Mud Season
Bed and Breakfast - Apple Season
Says it all..., at first glance, but what a nice time of year to get out of the winter spell by pampering yourself with an evening hot tub followed by a glowing fireplace to soothe the psyche. As the crisp mornings yield to the first warm rays of early Spring, a walk-off-a-hearty-breakfast, sweater clad stroll, accented by early blooming Forsythia, Tulips, and Azaleas will only serve to remind of the many pleasant days ahead. Not such a bad time of the year after all....

8 - Spring Season
Bed and Breakfast - Apple Season
The real thing - One of the most pleasant time of year here. Catch the early season flowers, a feisty rainbow trout, or an errant tennis ball with equal comfort. The discovery of new buds on the trees, or the early green curls of the first leaves, will await your journey to the Hampshire Hilltowns. Weather be given, you might even want to leave the window a crack upon turning in, to let the fresh scents of Spring fill your dreams with thoughts of the morrow. 


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